COVID 19-Information

In light of current events related to the novel coronavirus (the cause of COVID-19) or simply “coronavirus”, it is difficult to plan ahead with too much certainty. As such, the running of the rooms, as well as the hospitals (both public and private) will continue as per the advice and guidelines provided to us by NSW health. It is subject to rapid change as things develop.

Currently, the rooms are running but please consider the following:

  • If you are suffering from cold/flu symptoms, even if mild, please call ahead to reschedule your appointment and STAY AT HOME
  • If your appointment is to discuss results only, then please ask the secretary is your appointment is suitable for a phone consultation
  • Do not attend if you have recently been overseas (in the last 2 weeks), please follow quarantine rules
  • If you are 65+, immunosuppressed or generally unwell or frail, it might be best to delay your appointment a month or two, especially if the problem is not too serious or you have had it for a long time; if unsure if your appointment can be delayed, please call us
  • Do not try to shake hands in the rooms (this can be a hard habit to break) but don’t be offended if it’s refused please
  • Stay up to date with current information

​​As things progress, this information will be updated. If your surgery or appointment needs to be delayed we will contact you. Please understand that this is not being done without reason and the aim is to slow the progression of infection and thereby prevent overwhelming our public health system.

Thank you for your understanding and stay well.